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girigiri_kizuna's Journal

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32. Libra. Loves Jin Akanishi and KAT-TUN more than most things. Blames HYDE for luring her into J-fandom. Thinks that Pi is the best cowboy. Music obsessed. Total book worm. Coffee addict. Gamer. Has four cats. Believes that writing is good for the soul. Likes to cook, take photos, and plant flowers. Longs to travel. Primarily writes Akame, but other pairings aren't out of the question. Please note that my cross-posted fics will be member locked after one week due to personal reasons.

GINA: 32. Taurus. Loves Kamenashi Kazuya and KAT-TUN more than she thought she ever could. Hyde was her first j-music love, now is her god. Music addict. Loves writing and reading, as these two keep her sane. Learning new things. Details. Pink color. Taking photos and traveling. One day wants to visit Ireland and Japan. Could watch Queer as Folk over and over again. Primarily writes Akame but occasionally strays to RyOhkura, RyoDa and others. The posibilities are limited by reprehensible unfamiliarity with most of the JE boys though LOL. My fics are member locked.

NOTICE: Do not translate or repost ANYTHING found here unless you speak with one of us DIRECTLY beforehand. Also, remember that plagiarism just isn't cool, and we will find you.